Motorcycle Insurance

If you travel the roads of Connecticut on a motorcycle, you need the right insurance coverage. James P. Murphy & Associates has your solution.

Owning a motorcycle is just like owning a car: you need to clean it, fill it with gas, follow the rules of the road and even insure it. While you may think that your home and every day car are the only things that need a coverage policy, having motorcycle insurance is essential as well. James P. Murphy & Associates of Norwalk, CT can provide you with the coverage you need.

Motorcycle insurance will be there for you in the event that an unexpected incident occurs leaving either your motorcycle damaged or someone else’s property. Similar to a car insurance policy, you can be selective in choosing what you want your coverage option to include and what deductible you wish to have. Here at James P. Murphy & Associates, we offer competitive and affordable prices throughout CT that are hard to find anywhere else.

When applying for a motorcycle insurance policy in Connecticut, you may have the opportunity to qualify for certain benefits, including:

  • Insurance more than one motorcycle
  • Mature riders
  • Renewals
  • Credit for qualified safety courses
  • Multi-policies with our agency

Whether you’ve recently purchased your first motorcycle or have been riding for years, motorcycle insurance is necessary for all. Our specialists understand each rider’s unique situation and we tailor our policies to suit your individual needs.

Riding a motorcycle on some of the back roads of Connecticut will be even more relaxing with the peace of mind of a motorcycle insurance policy. We understand that sometimes things can happen suddenly that are out of your control which is why we make it our job to ensure you have the protection you need at any given moment.

For more information about motorcycle coverage, do not hesitate to give us a call or fill out the form on this page.